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Aurora, NE 68818
Phone: (402) 694-6915
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Guidance Counseling

About Angie Moural

Degrees Earned:
Bachelor of Arts in Education, University of Nebraska at Kearney, 1992
Master of Science in Education, University of Nebraska at Kearney, 1998

Schools I’ve Worked at:
Aurora High School Social Studies Teacher (1992-1997)
Sutton Public Schools, K-12 Guidance Counselor (1997-1999)
Aurora High School Guidance Counselor (1999-2002)
Giltner Public School, K-12 Guidance Counselor (2007-2012)
Aurora Middle School Guidance Counselor (2012-present)

I am married to Kurt Moural who is a CPA here in Aurora. We have two sons, Kade is a student at UNL and Kaleb is a senior.

Important Dates to Remember

NSCAS Testing Dates & Times


New Student Information

If you are planning on enrolling at Aurora Middle School the following items are required prior to the first day of attendance:

  • Certified Birth Certificate from the state the child was born (hospital certificates are not allowable)
  • Immunization Records
  • Physical for all grade 7 students, out-of-state transfer students and students in grades 7 or 8 who plan to participate in sports.
  • Academic Records from Previous School of Attendance

Please contact the main middle school office for information regarding enrolling your child at Aurora Middle School, 402-694-6915.

Guidance Services

Individual Services

The Aurora Middle School Guidance Office was created to support the educational and emotional needs of its students. Students may receive individual counseling upon self-referral, peer referral, teacher referral or parent referral. The guidance office does not provide intensive individual therapy. If it is deemed necessary, the guidance counselor may provide references for outside agencies that provide those kinds of services.

Group Services

The guidance office will provide small group opportunities for students that have either expressed an interest or whom teachers have identified as needing small group interaction. These groups usually meet over lunch or during GP.

Testing Services

The guidance office will facilitate the coordination of all testing dates at the middle school. This will include the MAP testing and the Nebraska State Tests (NSCAS).

Dress Code

Dress Code for Girls

Shirts need to provide appropriate coverage. Sleeves should cover the entire shoulder area and armpit. The front of the shirt should not plunge to expose the chest area. No derogatory language on clothing is allowed.
Shorts and skirts must have a 3” inseam and must have a hem. No gym shorts are allowed.
Jeans must be free of holes. If holes are visible there must be a patch.
If leggings are worn they must be covered with a dress or shirt that covers the entire back side.
Coats and Jackets are not allowed in the classrooms but hoodies may be worn.

Dress Code for Boys

Shirts need to provide appropriate coverage. Sleeves should cover the entire shoulder area and armpit. No derogatory advertising is allowed on clothing.
Jeans must be free of holes. If holes are visible, there must be a patch.
No gym shorts allowed. No coats or jackets in the classroom. Pants must be around the waist and held with a belt if necessary.

If students violate the dress code policy as outlined in the handbook they will be asked to change. If they do not have appropriate items to change into, the school will provide an appropriate shirt/pair of pants. If provided with clothing the student is responsible for washing the item(s) and returning the item(s) to school the next day.