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The team concept benefits students by providing support in the transition between elementary school and middle school. Teachers on a team have a common planning period, which they use daily to ensure that student successes are recognized, student concerns are addressed, and interdisciplinary planning is implemented.

Teams design interdisciplinary activities that make connections between content areas and increase the relevance of the curriculum. Grade level teams consist of core academic teachers, guidance counselor, and special education personnel.

Social Studies/Reading – Gordon Wilson
Science/Reading– Micayla Dunn
Math/Reading – Nicole Ferguson
English/Reading – Keli Margritz
Reading – Kim Wanek
Math – Stephani Kittle
Special Education – Sally Hoos

Social Studies – Jeremy Dubas
Science – Brad Feik
Math – Scott Phillips
English – Lana Dummer
Reading – Janelle Petersen
Reading – Kim Wanek
Special Education – Sally Hoos

Social Studies – Madison Farris
Earth Science – Ron Haden
Math – Susan Bish
English – Carol Ratzlaff
Reading – Stephani Kittle
Special Education – April Sullivan

Accelerated Reader

6th, 7th and 8th Grade

All middle school students participate in the Accelerated Reader program.  Students are required to read a certain amount of points each quarter.

Essentials Courses

Twelve week Essential courses at the 6th grade level include Art, Keyboarding, and General Music.

Twelve week Essential courses required at the 7th grade level are:  Economics, All Stars and Study Skills.

Students within the 8th grade level enjoy the Essential courses of; Careers, Speech, and Health.

Exploratory and Elective Courses

Several Exploratory and Elective courses are offered at Aurora Middle School.  Our philosophy is to provide students an opportunity to learn about a varied amount of curriculum areas.

6th Grade Offerings

Instrumental Music

7th Grade Offerings

Instrumental and Vocal Music

Art, Spanish, Agriculture, Computers, Family and Consumer Science

8th Grade Offerings

Instrumental and Vocal Music

Art, Spanish, Agriculture, Computers, Family and Consumer Science, Project Arts, Industrial       Technology, Business 8